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Welcome to the brand new Avonvale RFC 500 Club.

A monthly draw owned and operated by the club to raise club funds.

Monthly Subscription

Purchasing your chosen number costs just £5 per month, payable by hassle-free standing order to the club.

At the end of each month the draw will be made and your lucky number may just win you any one of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes.

Purchase as many numbers as you wish (£5 per number) to increase your chances of winning.

British Pound Notes

Purchase your number ASAP by contacting:

Club Funds

Each month the total money generated will be split 60% to club funds and 40% split between the 3 prize winners. 

(1st = 55%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 15%)


For example (if all 500 numbers are sold)

60% to club = £1500

40% paid out = £1000

1st = £550

2nd = £300

3rd = £150

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